Qualifications for WSC 2011

The English Scrabble World Championship will be hosted at the Hilton
Hotel in Warsaw October 12–16, 2011. As a new national association we
are entitled to send one contestant to the championship.

The first round of the qualification will take place on June 5 at
Margit Hansens gate 5 in the Grønland neighbourhood of Oslo. The top
four players in this tournament will advance to the second
qualification round. You may register by sending an email to «english»
at scrabbleforbundet dot no. The deadline is 30 May; registrations
after this date may be accepted at the discretion of the board of the
Norwegian Scrabble Association, depending on space. The tournament
will be played according to WESPA’s rules, and the dictionary used for
adjudication will be Collins Scrabble Tournament & Club Word List,
which is the same word list that will be used in the World

For the tournament to count as a qualification tournament, it is
required that at least six players participate. If fewer than six
players show up, the tournament may still take place, but its result
will have no bearing on the qualification process, and we may attempt
to organize a new qualification tournament on a later date.

In order to be eligible as Norway’s representative, you must either be
a Norwegian citizen or be a registered resident of Norway in the
period October 1, 2010 until October 16, 2011.

Results from the first round