WSC 2011 Qualifiers – Results

The first round in the Norwegian qualifiers for the English language World Scrabble Championship 2011 was played 5 June in Oslo. Six players took part, hoping to represent Norway in the World Championships in Warsaw in October. The top four players qualified for the final round, which consisted of two semi-finals and a final. The semi-finals were played as a best-of-three match, while the final match was best-of-five.

The results of the first round were as follows:

Pos. Name Score Point diff.
1 Stian Toft 4–1 +127
2 Eskil Åsmul 4–1 +113
3 Taral Guldahl Seierstad 3–2 +82
4 Anlaug Frydenlund 2–3 +242
5 Kirsti Vogt 2–3 +11
6 Kirsti Næss 0–5 -575

The final round took place in the weekend 17–19 June. In the first semi-final Stian Toft played Anlaug Frydenlulnd. After two close games, Anlaug came out ahead.

Game Stian Toft Anlaug Frydenlund
1 342 361
2 364 376

In the second semi-final Eskil Åsmul played Taral Seierstad. Eskil started with a convincing victory, but lost the second game narrowly. The final game was a repeat of the first one, with Eskil ahead by more than 200 points.

Game Eskil Åsmul Taral Guldahl Seierstad
1 371 167
2 353 354
3 453 227

The final between Anlaug and Eskil was played Sunday 19 June as a best-of-five match. The players were evidently close in ability, but still Anlaug was able to win the three first games, and thereby won the match.

Game Anlaug Frydenlund Eskil Åsmul
1 343 336
2 370 307
3 387 371

Norway’s representative in the World Championship will therefore be Anlaug Frydenlund.